remember when teresa and brenda met and jdash had a golden opportunity to create an amazing badass female friendship and he ruined it by making them act jealous and catty over thomas like the dude isn’t even much of a catch he’s like a jar of mayonnaise at least give them a better reason to hate each other like c’mon man u didn’t even try

Most people call me Thomas. Well, except Newt, he calls me Tommy. Tom makes me feel…Like I’m at home or something. Even though I don’t know what home is. Are we messed up or what?
The Maze Runner (via n-e-w-t)
'The Runners? Why?'
‘Just wondering.’
Newt gave him a suspicious look.
‘Best of the best, those guys. Have to be. Everything depends on them.’
He picked up a loose rock and tossed it, watching absently as it bounced to stop.
‘Why aren’t you one?’
Newts gaze returned to Thomas, sharply.
‘Was till I hurt my leg few months back. Hasn’t been the bloody same since.’
He reached down and rubbed his right ankle absently, a brief look of pain flashing across his face. The look made Thomas think it was more from the memory, not any actual physical pain he still felt.

Dashner, James: The Maze Runner

  • As you have probably guessed Newt is one of my favorite characters and as I have read the whole series, re-reading it I can find one of these little scenes which take on a whole meaning once you have completed the books and this is one of them.
  • Newt is played by Thomas-Brodie Sangster who is one hell of an actor and I can’t wait to see what he would do with the character.

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